The Basics Of Hanging Drywall

Hanging drywall is a skill you need to master if you want to tackle some challenging DIY projects at home. When you know how to hang drywall, you can start building rooms. Hanging drywall is a challenging skill, but it is one that you can master with a little bit of practice. Read on to learn the basics of hanging drywall.

Drywall allows you to finish off rooms and build walls. You screw the drywall into the studs to form the walls, and you can then finish and paint them. The first place to start is with buying the drywall. You want to make sure that you have enough drywall for the job, so you need to take the time to take careful measurements.

If you are new to working with drywall, keep in mind that the sheets can be bulky and hard to work with so you should buy the smallest sheets possible. The way you store and transport the sheets is important as well. The corners of drywall are fragile and the break easily. It is also easy to warp the drywall if you don’t store it flat, so make sure you keep it flat.

Once you get the drywall home, you are going to want to start getting your tools together. You will need a drywall drill, drywall screws, a utility knife, and a T-square for measuring. You want to start your project by removing all the old drywall, so the studs and joists are exposed. You will be screwing the new drywall into the joists, so it is important to get all the drywall off, so the joists are exposed.

Once the drywall is off, you remove the nails and screws that are in the studs and then you can start hanging the drywall. At this stage, the proper measuring and cutting of the drywall are crucial. You want to make sure each piece will fit in the center of the stud. Make sure you sand all the cuts, so they are smooth. Another helpful hint is to glue the drywall to the studs in addition to screwing it in. This will make a stronger bond.

Start with the ceiling first and then work your way down to the walls. You can have small gaps between pieces because they will be filled later. With a little practice, hanging drywall will become easy.