Drywall Tools – What You Need To Know

Preparation for installation of drywall involves a lot more than ensuring that you make the right choice in the type of drywall and some sheets you will be needing. You also have to make sure that you have all the required tools for the situation at hand.

Successful drywalling relies upon you having all the required tools. There are those tools that have been designed specifically for drywalling. However, most of the basic tools that you will require are not unique to drywalling. Some tools such as a tape measure framing square, T-square, pencil, and chalk line will be required regardless of the size of the space or the height of the ceiling. You will also require the assistance of drywall screws, mixing tools, sanding tools, and taping knives.

An example of a drywall tool is the drywall saw. This is a saw designed to rip through both the paper face and the gypsum core of the drywall. It is a very efficient tool used specifically for cutting drywall. It has a sharp point at the edge which you may use to break the material before cutting through it.

Just like there is a drywall saw, there is a drywall hammer. This hammer is unlike other conventional hammers. It has a gently tapered head that is used to create a natural recess for the joint compound. Once the hammer strikes the surface of the paper face, it creates a waffle contour that helps ensure the compound is locked.

In most cases, you will also find yourself using the drywall screw gun. The screw gun has a clutch installed in it so that the screw will be driven just underneath the surface of the sheet. In case you want to cut through the paper face of the drywall, for instance, to secure the panel before proceeding to snap it to length. Ensure that your blade is always sharp.

You will also find a variety of screws and nails for drywall installation. Drywall screws are usually a preferable method since they provide the user with a secure and durable connection. If the job is extensive, then you can have a self-feeding screw gun to make things faster.

Since you are dealing with walls, after all, you will need mixing tools too. You need them to fill nail holes and gaps with joint compound and also secure tape. You can choose to mix the compounds by hand or just a powered paddle.